Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths. ~~Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, September 27, 2010

Best ? I've heard in a long time

I never watch the videos that people link to on facebook, but since multiple friends recommended it, I thought "Why not?".

It was a woman named Gianna who survived a saline abortion, and WOW! what a testimony she has! She is now 33 yrs old and has cerebral palsy because of the lack of oxygen during the attempted abortion. She apparently has done lots of speaking to political groups across the world, in hopes of convincing people to stop abortions.

Specifically speaking to the men in the audience, she asked this simple question: "Will you obsess over your own glory, or will you become obsessed with God's glory?"

It's amazing to me what He uses to minister to us. Oh, and to top it all off - do you know what the origin/meaning of Gianna is? It's a form of Giovanna which means "God's grace". Hmm!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My lil cheerleader

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ok, friends and family- Abby's school is now registered with MyCokeRewards. Save your tops and enter them online to help her school! The zip to use is 30707, and the school is Chickamauga Elementary.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Full of the Word Wednesday

While driving home from our LIFE group tonight I had a most enlightening conversation with my daughter. I will try to quote her:

"Momma, did you know that when you get baptized, and it doesn't matter if you get sprinkled or dunked, that even if it's a little water or alot of water, that God had sent His glory down to that water to cover you? ALL of you Momma, even if it's just a little water - His glory covers all of you!"

Wow! Her faith and understanding amaze me sometimes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

a LONG time ago...

It was the summer before my junior year of high school. There was a really cute lifeguard that worked at the local pool. He was a few yrs older than me, so I figured that I was invisible to him.

Fast forward to the end of summer - and I am at band camp (yes, I'm one of those band nerds - except I am a cool nerd because I dance, instead of march with an instrument - SOOO much better I know!!). One of the senior guys takes a liking to me (could it have been the sports bras that us danceline girls were rocking that reeled him in?!). I'm receptive to his attention, and our little relationship lasts a few weeks. Until he smothers me into oblivion. My friends coined him "Mr. Annoying" because he was always RIGHT THERE! So, I very immaturely broke up with him, not that breaking up is immature - but it was how I went about it that was bad. I didn't even have the nerve to tell him face to face - I just handed him a note during class change. Ugh, I'm such a dork!

Fast forward to Homecoming Night. My friend, Christy knew that I had been checking out the lifeguard back in the summer, and she was friends with him. She so nicely coordinates him to come to the homecoming game to check me out. Then, we ended up at the dance together. I have to say, my first impression wasn't the best.

He had family in town from Colorado that were alumni at my HS, so he was really excited to see them. I was all self-centered and thinking "How dare he not focus all his energy on me!" Then, I was sitting in the bleachers with a friend who had a crick in her neck, and being the good friend that I am, I was rubbing her neck. He has the audacity to come over, sit down beside me, and tell me "Move over, you aren't doing that right". This guy has no intentions of trying to win brownie points, I mean sheesh - he's giving my friend a rubdown!

I'm still giving him a chance at this point because #1 - he's cute #2 - he smells good & #3 - he's in college! How shallow am I!?

That same night, a few friends were going to eat at Taco Bell after the dance. We tag along, and I am MORTIFIED to eat my crunchy taco in front of him. Why? I have no idea. I'm starving, but how do I dare eat a messy taco in front of the blonde cutie?

We talked on the phone a few times, & decide to go out on a REAL date. "For Love Or Money" with Michael J. Fox and chicken tenders at Applebee's. Again, I was so nervous, I think I might've eaten 1 tender. No wonder I was so skinny!

Well, we started dating exclusively - so I guess I wasn't as invisible as I thought I was back during the summer. OR, I just made him fall head over heels for me because of my intelligence, my quick wit, and my magnetic personality. And for those of you who know me personally - you know that none of those things were present at the ripe age of 16 and 17. I was so terribly shy!

Who knew - almost 17 yrs later, I would be sitting here writing this REALLY long post!

Danny - Happy 14th Anniversary baby! I love you and the life that we have built together! I love the fact that I can eat in front of you and not feel embarrassed (or whatever emotion it was back then). I love the fact that we can ride in the car in comfortable silence. I love the fact that we have known each other for so long that sometimes, we don't even need words because facial expressions suffice (this is a major plus in public!). I love the fact that even though I sometimes feel like I am twice the girl you married, you still love me like you did on our wedding day. I love that even though we don't mean to, our parenting skills coordinate with one another. I love you because you feed the animals everyday. I love you because you get me something to drink when my cup is empty.

We've been through alot in our 14 yrs, and we are better for it! Here's to alot more celebrations!